Doing Business in The East African Community 2013

Over the past 8 years the 5 members of the East African Community (EAC)—Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and    Uganda—have continued to take steps to make it easier for local firms to start up and operate (box 1.1). Driving these efforts has been a recognition that regional integration alone is not enough to spur growth. The EAC needs an investment climate—including a business regulatory environment—that is well suited to scaling up trade and investment and can act as a catalyst to modernize the regional economy. Improving the investment climate in the EAC is therefore an essential ingredient for successful integration—the foundation for expanding business activity,boosting competitiveness, spurring growth and, ultimately, supporting human development.Continual improvement of the business environment is important for countries seeking to benefit from greater trade and investment through regional integration.The common market protocol, which entered into force in July 2010, is supposed to be fully implemented by December 2015. ReadMore