FEAFFA in partnership with TMEA has introduced an android mobile app called the “EA freight”. This mobile app consists of the east African motor vehicle duty calculator that helps stakeholders determine the tax they need to pay for a given motor vehicle in each country. It consists of   the EAC tariff book with different exercise duty on each product to help agents classify products with their equivalent duty. This has further helped agents reduce the time taken to clear one product as compared to before when they had to carry huge books to look for a given product. The app also consists of estimated freight rates for cargo along the north and central corridors within East Africa. This will help cargo owners have a choice to select a preferred corridor to use as it will save them money in the long run.  

The mobile app is introduced in the industry to help enhance the earlier developed FEAFFA web portal. The mobile app together with the web portal will help the industry get sufficient use of information that will help reduce the cost of doing business in the region.

The fact that most customs agents are always on the move, many could not access the web portal more frequently due to the nature of their work this opted FEAFFA to think of more appropriate means to pass information thus to the development of the application.

Due to the increasing numbers of tax lost through miss declaring and undervaluing commodities and various products, the app consists of an EAC tariff book that is linked to the EAC portal with all the main updates to help agents reduce the number of errors in declaration. 


  1. To download this free APP, go to google APPTM  store and search for “EAFREIGHT”.
  2. Click the install button.
  3. You will see the app screenshots
  4. After installing start enjoying the different features.
  5. Open the “MOTOR VEHICLE DUTY” to calculate the different duty of any car as is same with the Revenue authorities. Get to know what car you need and how much you need to pay for duty.
  6. Open the “VEHICLE FREIGHT CHARGES” to know how much it will cost you to transport your car from port of Mombasa or Dar-es-salaam to any other East African country.
  7. Open the “EAC TARIFF BOOK” to know how much it will cost you to import any product to the EAC region from with and outside the region.
  8. Open the “EAC FREIGHT RATES” to know how much it will cost you to import any product from the EAC trade corridors.