The EACAFFB Board Logo


FEAFFA and its member national associations have set out a roadmap for the professionalization of the Customs agents and the freight forwarding industry in the region.


East Africa Customs Agents and Freight Forwarders Board (EACAFFB) is a registration and certification system for qualified practitioners. Practitioners are registered upon application and complying with the code of conduct among other requirements. The system provides a database of certified practitioners for use by stakeholders manage professional development and police professional conduct.


The Board was therefore established to certify professional customs agents and freight forwarders in the region for professional identification. Key milestones include training, registration, certification, and self-regulation. Registration of certified practitioners who have qualified under the EACFFPC programme and the Certificate of Competence has commenced. 


These practitioners are expected to complete a registration form, sign the professional code of conduct and pay membership and annual subscription fees. Additionally, development of a model self-regulation legislative bill is underway towards enactment of relevant national legislations for self-regulation. All these efforts are being supported by the East African Community Directorate of Customs and East Africa Revenue Authorities.