EAC Logistics Skills Enhancement Program


This program aims at providing skills enhancement for customs agents, freight forwarders and warehouse providers in East Africa. It will offer timely training that is in tune with changing technologies and logistical needs, thus enabling customs agents and freight forwarders to provide competitive and high-quality end to end services. The program will also meet the need of the identified large skills gap in the EACs logistics sector; which has resulted to high costs to business. Some of the key project activities under this program will include;

  1. Updating of the East Africa Customs and Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC) curriculum.
  2. Development of training materials for the revised curriculum.
  3. Enhancing the Capacity of Trainers on the revised curriculum.
  4. Enhancement of FEAFFA Online Resource Centre (FORCE), to support online learning for customs clearing and freight forwarders in EAC region.
  5. Introduction of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program
  6. Supporting the enactment of national laws on Self-regulation of customs agents and freight forwarders in the region.