Training Program for Customs Agents in East Africa

The East Africa Customs and Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC) is a mandatory train- ing program to all Customs Agents jointly implemented by the East Africa Revenue Authorities (EARAs) and the national freight forwarding associations affiliated to the Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA). The course is offered to individuals already practicing or intending to practice in the clearing and forwarding industry throughout the East African region. 

Course Objectives

The course is intended to equip trainees with necessary skills, competencies and values desirable in Customs and freight forwarding in order to: 

  • Enable them discharge their roles competently as Customs agent.
  • Entrench professionalism in the services offered by Freight Forwarders, especially in Customs clearing
  • Enhance ethical conduct, good governance and integrity in the profession
  • Facilitate trade