Finalize the Policy Framework and Development of Implementation Guidelines for the proposed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program for customs agents and freight forwarders in East Africa.



The freight logistics industry is very dynamic where the needs of customers and the operating
environment keep changing making it increasing complex for the professionals to continue effectively executing their roles. Professionals need to be constantly aware of the challenges they face relating to knowledge, skills and competencies to address these needs.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is one way of addressing these challenges. Since completion of the certificate program, most of the EACFFPC graduates have not had any CPD to keep them abreast of the various changes in the industry. This has greatly impacted on their abilities and the quality of service they deliver. This has created a big gap that requires filling through a continuous professional development program just as the case in other professions. With support from TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), FEAFFA will finalize the CPD Policy Framework, Implementation guidelines, develop the Integrated CPD Management system and pilot the CPD program in East Africa.


  • To finalize the development of the CPD Policy, tools, guidelines and implementation framework for the continuous professional development program for customs agents and freight forwarders in East Africa.
  • Design and Develop an integrated CPD system to manage the piloting of the program in East Africa
  • Marketing of the CPD program in Uganda
  • Piloting the program in East African region.

Expected outcomes

  • Continuous improvement of professionals in the freight forwarding industry in East Africa.